Sensuality isn’t something to be tapped into only when we are in a relationship, sensuality is a mind set, a way of life.

I used to spend the bulk of the day in thinking mode, rather than becoming alive to the present moment and allowing myself to experience the world in a more sensuous way. A world with richer, deeper colors. I prefer not to escape to stress-free surroundings for experiencing bliss but instead to practice it, experience it and live it in my normal day-to-day life.

Thinking is busy and active, involving past and future. It is a high energy state which is exciting at times, but can also be exhausting.

Sensing is the opposite; it conserves energy, has a low emotional charge and lets the body soften.

At any given time we have the option to switch between the modes, but in reality we rarely do. This is what my massage is all about too.

April 2015 marked the start of a completely new way of life for me as I entered the world of erotic sensuality.

After an immersive 12 year BDSM life-style exploration; my understanding of sensations and perception of the effects of sensory input on the psyche became a passion. Sensual or erotic massage and the combination thereof with BDSM style practices and techniques or even sometimes incorporating fetish into this is what keeps me stimulated and enthusiastic about my career. I very much prefer long un-rushed sessions which allows adequate time to understand my client”s individual priorities and curiosities.

There will always be people that are smarter,fitter and also prettier than me. I’ve spend an extra ordinate amount of time on the sisyphean and that boulder kept smacking me in the face until I walked away from it and started doing what I love ; living sensually.

Do not consider making use of my services if what you are looking for is just getting off quick on the hottest body you can find. For me it’s all about being connected to the sensual self, by being aware of and indulging your senses in pleasurable ways. Sensuality isn’t something to be tapped into only when we are in a relationship, sensuality is a mind set, a way of life. When you experience the world with a sensual mind every experience becomes richer. Being aware of the sensations that arouse you, relax you, sooth you, thrill you, and indulging them, is what it is to live sensually.

In my free time I enjoy spending time with my dogs and taking care of my fish. I also enjoy gardening and spending time in nature especially near water. Youtube is mostly for motivational clips or philosophy and mainstream television is something that rarely holds my attention long.  

Age: 48
Weight: 65kg
Height: 164 cm
Cup size: 36C
Shoe size: 6

Things that makes super happy are in no particular order :

Betta fish ( siamese fighters)

Plants both terrestrial and aquatic

Stones both semi precious or interesting rocks and pretty pebbles



Beautifully designed heels

Stunning colors nail polish


Adult toys 




A simple but skillfully prepared meal

Bitter beer

Dry Wine