Sensuality isn’t something to be tapped into only when we are in a relationship, sensuality is a mind set, a way of life.

I used to spend the bulk of the day in thinking mode, rather than becoming alive to the present moment and allowing myself to experience the world in a more sensuous way. A world with richer, deeper colors. I prefer not to escape to stress-free surroundings for experiencing bliss but instead to practice it, experience it and live it in my normal day-to-day life. Thinking is busy and active, involving past and future. It is a high energy state which is exciting at times, but can also be exhausting. Sensing is the opposite; it conserves energy, has a low emotional charge and lets the body soften. At any given time we have the option to switch between the modes, but in reality we rarely do. This is what my massage is all about too.

April 2015 marked the start of a completely new way of life for me as I entered the world of sensuality.

After an immersive 12 year BDSM life-style exploration; my understanding of sensations and the perception of effects from sensory input on the psyche became a passion. Sensual or erotic massage and the combination thereof with BDSM style practices and techniques or even sometimes incorporating fetish into this is what keeps me stimulated and enthusiastic about my career. I very much prefer long un-rushed sessions which allows adequate time to understand my client’s individual priorities and curiosities.

I believe that it is paramount that I derive the maximum amount of pleasure from what I do for a living.

For me it’s all about being connected to the sensual self, by being aware of and indulging your senses in pleasurable ways. Sensuality isn’t something to be tapped into only when we are in a relationship, sensuality is a mind set, a way of life. When you experience the world with a sensual mind every experience becomes richer. Being aware of the sensations that arouse you, relax you, sooth you, thrill you, and indulging them, is what it is to live sensually.

In my free time I enjoy spending time with my dogs and taking care of my fish. I also enjoy gardening and spending time in nature especially near water.

I am a 50 year old introverted home body and for this reason I seldom see more than two clients a day.



I strive to be as accommodating as possible but I can only host by appointment on reasonable notice.

I favor a deliberately slow sensual nuru style massage, using the softness of my entire matured body to ease tension and strains but
typical problem areas like neck and shoulders can only be soothed by firm hand pressure.

You can expect the odorless organic oil I use to be warm or hot.This oil is entirely safe for intimate play and will not cause any irritation, even for ladies.

The massage and bed room is preheated and kept warm for your entire visit on cold days.
Shower and bath facilities always available and I do have safe parking under roof upon reservation.

I am available 7 days a week between 6am and 9pm by appointment only (minimum 90 minutes notice please) To secure your slot please note that I require a 10% deposit. Full address will be forwarded upon deposit notification from my bank.

Flagship offers

60 min hot oil Sensual massage with toys,prostate care and a happy endingR1000

60 min no oil Sensual massage with toys,prostate care and a happy endingR1400

60 min hot oil TLC massageIncludes deep kissing and extreme intimacy but no penile penetration- R1500

90 min Kinky Tie&Tease Bdsm/femdomme experience,can include discipline or pegging R2500

90 min Sensual Tie&Tease Erotic massage and FH – R2000


Outtcall R2000/hour (50% deposit)

30 min extension R500

Should my service inspire repeat visits please consider taking advantage of my loyalty program. The idea here is a monthly discounted rate that offers clients reasonable savings on reasonable terms I allow for a maximum of 2 months after payment to claim your treatments


Simply sensible


6×30 minute visits 



4x 90 minutes

Totally Unwind

4 x day visits




3x 90 minute +

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