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Prostate Massage

Prostate care comes standard as part of my service at no extra charge. It is a rare instance in today’s world where we are able to combine ultimate health; with ultimate pleasure.  You want...



Q: “Do you offer “full house”?” A: Yes Q: “Do you offer the “girlfriend experience”?” A: Yes , my take on it. Sensual , loving often naughty Q: “Am I allowed to touch you...

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Toys Kinky Play Bench I have acquired a new exciting versatile “KINKY PLAY BENCH”. It is ideal for spankings / canings, BDSM bondage games, cock & ball torture, and wherever our minds take us....

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Seriously Kinky

Seriously Kinky Seriously Kinky play R5500 ( custom sessions, mummification, intense roleplay, power exchange, sensual torment ect) The echo of tantric traditions can be recognized in BDSM’s tendency to elicit sexual energy but then...