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Slave Contracts – Suspended

Due to an constant increase in requests for repeated regular sessions from male subs I now offer these unique sessions at a reduced rate to successful applicants. A slave contract entitles the holder to...

Nuru_Massage 4

The Nuru Massage

The Nuru Massage Nuru is a Japenese word meaning “to paint, or “to get wet” – and make no mistake, during a Nuru Massage you will get wet! I will drench your naked body...


Setting the Mood

Music has such a powerful effect on our emotions that the importance of choosing the right tracks for each occasion must never be underestimated Beneath you will find a list of my favourites .The...


How to become a Favourite

Be clean and fresh!! If you have had a long day, ask to use the shower and bathroom and freshen up quickly first. Be punctual. If you are late and time allows I don’t...